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Krewe of Freret

The Future with Freret


Move over super krewes, there’s a new kid in town.

The Krewe of Freret will hit the streets February 22 following the Krewe of Choctow (Uptown route) with more than 150 New Orleans transplants and locals.

Krewe Co-Captain Bobby Hjortsberg said the krewe plans to bring something new and diverse to the parade route with members from every “walk of life”.

The Krewe chose it’s name because of the many memories they made on their beloved- and shared- Freret Street during their time in colleges, Loyola and Tulane.

Hjortsberg said the street was something that they were very fond of and of course- gave them great memories of their time in college.

Now if “Krewe of Freret” rings a bell, that’s because this krewe has been here before- sort of. When the current krewe went to make their name “official” they found that they weren’t the first to be the “Krewe of Freret”, but that didn’t stop them from claiming their name and starting a tradition of their own.

“Mardi Gras is about everybody, why can’t we have a krewe that has everybody in it,” said Hjortsberg on the reason why his “young” krewe is so unique.

The krewe isn’t the only thing making this parade unique; Hjortsberg said the signature Freret throws are Mardi Gras Masks.

Hjortsberg said the masks allow the parade go-ers to immediately become engaged in the parade, but don’t worry if you’re “in that number” of those who watch the parade from home. The Krewe plans to live stream the parade from floats and areas on the route.

It’s no surprise that this krewe also has a social media campaign to encourage Mardi Gras fans to immerse themselves into-Mardi Gras! For those of you who are into the hashtag world check out #BeMardiGras to show the Krewe Of Freret how you are doing Mardi Gras.

If you’d like to know more about the Krewe of Freret you can follow @kreweofFreret on twitter or add them on Facebook.