The doubloon inventor is ready to roll, Rex

The Rex Organization, or Rex for short, was officially incorporated as The School of Design in 1872.


The parade began as a way to bring life back into the City of New Orleans after the civil war by using the spectacle of Mardi Gras said Rex Archivist Dr. Stephen Hales.


With the foundational pillars set, the krewe began to build an organization that would live up to it’s motto, “Pro Bono Publico” (for the public good).


More than 100 years later, the members of Rex continue to promote progress by investing in the future.


Rex members created the Pro Bono Publico foundation, a foundation focusing on school reform so every child in the city can attend an excellent school.


Through the Foundation the members of Rex have contributed more than 2.5 million dollars to public charter schools and supporting organizations in the past five years said Hales.


Representative of the motto, the majority of the krewe members represent the many civic service occupations the city has.


Physicians, lawyers, educators- OH MY! The Rex organization proves that the krewes behind Mardi Gras are so much more than the trinkets and plastic they throw.


Speaking of those beads we all like to catch, Hales said, “All our floats, including the 20 themed floats , will each have their own float specific bead.”


Are you up for the challenge of collecting the entire Rex float series in beads?


You can also expect to see a couple of crowd favorites rolling as well. The Street Car, Butterfly King, King’s float, Royal Barge, and Boeuf Gras all plan to make their gallant return to their beloved Rex route.


If you’re more of a relaxed type of parade go-er, don’t worry about collecting the entire series, because the inventors of the doubloon plan to keep them coming.


That’s right, Rex invented the doubloon, and the shiny oversized coins aren’t going anywhere but the streets when the parade rolls Uptown on Fat Tuesday (March 4).